Are you really getting value for money from your accountant?

We have found from many clients that have transferred to us from other practices that they felt they were paying more than they were getting back from their accountant. Most accountancy firms now offer dedicated accountants but how far are they truly personal to you?

The unfortunate truth is they are often not dedicated at all. Many of the larger accountancy practices establish separate teams to deal with the various services they offer to you.

Typically, a single accountant will be supported by a junior coordinator to help them prepare VAT Returns, Year End Accounts and Self Assessments. Payroll is more commonly being centralised, with some accountancy firms outsourcing this task altogether.

In short, your ‘dedicated accountant’ may not be doing as much for you as you think but will be the main point of contact for potentially hundreds of clients. In our experience of working for large accountancy practices, a single accountant can be charged with over 180 clients – this means big bucks for management and huge pressure on the accountant to meet deadlines and targets.

This also puts a huge strain on the team when your accountant is ill or on annual leave, and your queries may not always be answered until they return. More worrying is that we find high individual client numbers means high staff turnover. Some of our clients reported having experienced more than three changes in dedicated accountant over just 12 months.

At OnTheGo Accountants we have learned from our competitors and are committed to offering our clients high-quality service at a price that is right for them.

How do we do this? Our strategy is very simple – all our accountants are partners of OnTheGo! That means you can rely on the same friendly face for as long as you are with us; no outsourcing and no change in service level.

Simply personal!

Do you feel you are getting value for money from your dedicated accountant?

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