Why do I need business insurance?

You have insurance for your house, car and belongings, so why overlook business insurance?

If your actions lead to anything being damaged or someone being injured; or any advice you provide or work you complete results in a client losing money, a claim could be made against you.

It is therefore important that you have comprehensive insurance in place to protect you against the above risks.


What types of cover do you need to consider?

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This provides cover if you are accused of professional negligence, errors or omissions and giving bad advice. It will also cover you for any loss of documents, loss of data and a breach of confidentiality.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

This is compulsory for almost all UK businesses and often insisted upon by clients. It covers employees – i.e a family member working in a clerical role, or a replacement you hire to fulfil a substitution.

Public Liability Insurance

This provides cover if someone is injured, or property is damaged as a result of our actions whilst supplying services. Whether you are on your own premises, in a client’s office or out on site.


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